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Phones might be able to recharge themselves with this battery

A new add-on grants you free access to peer-reviewed journal articles

Dallas and Dubai, first cities to have flying taxis by 2020, thanks to Uber

”Smart food” is here. What we will eat in the future – VIDEO

By Evolance

You may be able to live forever as a digital ghost

Developers flocking to Culham to test driveless cars

Reebok is "growing shoes" with its new biodegradable sneakers

WhatsApp is testing two major features

Facebook is working on mind-reading technology

Elon Musk's company to merge human brains with computers

By Evolance

Researchers are developing an artificial lung ...

1 in 3 UK jobs to be replaced by robots in the ...

Russian humanoid robot, set to fly in space, ...

Microchips implanted in humans puts privacy at ...

World News

A world of constant threat. What countries ...

For more than 80 years now, we have been living in a world where nuclear war is a constant threat. Though we no longer see moments of tension like the famous Cuban Missile Crisis from 1962, the ...


”Smart food” is here. What we will eat in the future – VIDEO