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This coaster might be the solution to keeping your drink safe on a night out

This new gadget that alerts you if your drink has been touched or moved could become invaluable to the safety of men and women when it comes to going out.

Keeping your drink safe is a serious issue, as the Independent reports. Ordering a drink and leaving it on the bar to go to the bathroom or greet a friend is tricky, because taking your eyes off your beverage can have severe consequences.

The Brio Smart Coaster is a conveniently sized, tech-enabled coaster that can be taken anywhere. It will send you an alert if your drink has been touched or moved. It works by syncing it with an app on your smartphone, activating “Guard Mode” and placing the beverage on the coaster. If someone touches your drink, it will display a light sequence alarm and send a notification to your mobile.


Introducing this coaster might be the beginning of the end when it comes to worrying about leaving your drink unsupervised. However, if you find yourself in a situation that your drink has been spiked, NHS advises to get help immediately. “If you start to feel strange or more drunk than you should be, get help immediately,” they note. “First, tell someone you completely trust, such as, a close friend, relative, medical professional, or the police. If you aren’t with anyone, call someone you trust and get to a safe place. Ask to use a phone if yours has been stolen. If you need urgent help, call 999. Be wary of accepting help from a stranger and don’t leave with someone you don’t know.”

Daisy Wilder