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Instagram may switch to a four-across photo grid system


For the last 7 years, Instagram’s users have known a three-across picture grid system. But some internet users recently reported that the old system may be tweaked into a four-across grid instead. Is a little revolution coming?

According to internet users who shared their experiences on Twitter, Instagram may be preparing to switch to a four-across photo grid on its users’ accounts, rather than the three-across grid that has existed since the app’s creation in 2010. And as one of them, Shaun Jacques, feels it coming, the internet might be “getting ready to explode” hearing about such an evolution.

It is not known why the app is considering such a change, aside from the fact that it would let its users reveal more pictures with less scrolling.


For most people, switching to a four-across photo grid will not change anything in the way they deal with the platform Instagram. But for bloggers, influencers and celebrities who use their profile to market their brand, it would make a big difference, considering photos would appear smaller in the new system to accomodate four photos in a row. Also, many users took advantage of the actual design to curate their page into a real work of art and will now have to think everything again.

For example, some apps let you cut your pictures in three, six or even nine parts to create a special collage perfectly adapted to the three-across grid. “Thanks to Instagram’s static 3-across grid, you can use your feed as its own canvas to create epic digital collages as small or big as you like, as long as you stick to the grid”, explained Visual News in 2015. Now everything may have to be reconsidered.

Depite the fact that it is clear that the social platform led such a test, it is not sure that Instagram will actually decide to change the way users’ accounts look and have been looking for the past 7 years. In the end, every year, many new features are tested by social networks and never come to fruition. As far as he is concerned, user Shaun Jacques revealed that his Instagram “has now gone back to normal”. Questioned by several american medias, the app refused to give any comment. Instagramers will then just have to wait and see to have the last word about this potential transformation of their feeds.

Celine Pastezeur