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Sophia Loren’s illustrious career


Learn about the life and career of a popular Oscar-winning foreign actress

Born on September 20, 1934, Sophia Loren has had a long and illustrious career since 1950. Her first role did not officially credit her, but her fame still continued to rise even with that rough start. She earned her first Academy Award and nomination for her leading role in Two Women (1960). That victory meant that she was the first actress to win an Academy Award for a foreign film performance. Unfortunately, Loren was not present at the awards ceremony that night, which meant that Greer Garson accepted the award on her behalf. Sophia Loren did receive a second nomination for Marriage Italian Style (1964), but lost the Oscar to Julie Andrews’s film debut as the eponymous Mary Poppins (1964). Fortunately, Sophia Loren did receive an Honorary Award many years later for amassing a stellar body of work.

Sophia Loren currently does not have any upcoming projects, but it is clear that she is a very unique actress who has contributed greatly to the art of cinema. Her age of 83 means that she has devoted decades of her life to creating original and definitive performances that forever changed the Hollywood landscape.


Alex Phuong