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The hurricane name game


What’s in a name? Certainly something, when you attach that name to the 2017 hurricane season.

Two newer storms are set to replace Harvey and Irma on our collective mindsets this week: Hurricane Jose is supposed to not hit land, but to possibly effect the northeast with winds and rain, all starting on Tuesday. Hurricane Maria is targeted as a major hurricane, and will most probably hit the already devastated Caribbean later this week.

Hurricane season, which generally runs from June through November, has several more weeks to run its course. Here are the remaining names for what are called “The Atlantic Tropical (and Subtropical) Storm” names for 2017, starting with the letter “N”:











There are no storm names for “Q, “U,” “X,” “Y” and “Z” because there are a lack of “common names” for these storms.

Backtracking a bit, earlier this year, in July 2017, there was a Hurricane Don, one of the names used during the current season.

Evidently, there was some controversy in using that name, because some felt that it was used in a negative manner related to our President, Donald Trump.

But representatives of the National Hurricane Center reportedly said it had nothing to do with the President; it was simply a coincidence, as the name was chosen years earlier as the “D” representative for this year.

Some news outlets, including the Associated Press, nonetheless poked fun at the use of the name for a hurricane (even though it was not fierce enough to be one, and only amounted to a tropical storm), but and it is happily forgotten.

Lawrence Lapka