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Terms and conditions

1.     About is an online daily publication, in the property of MANDARINE INTERNATIONAL S.A., with the headquarters in Bucharest, no 28-30 Academiei Street, 8th floor, district 1 of Bucharest, recorded in the Registry of Trade under no J40/8533/2016, CUI 36225888 owns and administrates  (named in the following lines


„The content”: includes, without being limited to, any text, graphics, layouts, logos, audio material, films or any motion images, articles, details about product and/or software, published or available in any way for the User on the website.

„Material”: includes totally or partially, any text, graphics, layout, logos, images, audio materials, films or motion images, articles that appear either permanently or temporarily on the website.

„Brands, drawings”: they are commercial brands, logos and services brands (no matter whether they are registered or not) that are displayed on the website.

„Copyright”: the right to be recognised as sole author of the work, having the moral and patrimonial characteristics detailed in the Art. 10, respectively Art. 13 from the Law no 8/1996 regarding author rights and the associated rights and the right to benefit from law protection, even when the work is in unfinished form.

2.     General conditions of using the website

For using the website in best conditions, we recommend you to have enough time for carefully reading the present Terms and Conditions. Moreover, regarding the judicial effects that the present Terms and Conditions produce, we recommend you to access and periodically reread the updated version of the present Terms and Conditions.

Using the website must be done by respecting the law, without violating the rights and the legitimate interests of third parties. It is forbidden to third parties to disturb the site’s usage and exploitation, to transmit computer viruses or any other elements that might disturb the proper functioning of the website.

Accessing and using the website , as well as of any content and material, is done using the present terms, according to the present rules and is conditioned by accepting and respecting the present conditions. The terms are applied to all visitors, users and any other persons that access or use the website.

By accessing and using the website, you are giving complete approval to respect without exceptions and limitations the Terms and Conditions of If you do not partially or fully accept the stipulations of the Terms and Conditions, please leave this website.

This terms are applied regardless of the device you are using for accessing the website (including desktop, laptop or the mobile web browser, digital television, mobile phones, automobiles’ personal computers, portable digital devices and any other mobile device or presently acknowledged technology or that will be developed in the future).

Your access to the website can be immediately restricted or suspended, without any previous notification, without us being forced in any way to motivate the decision, should any of the stipulations of the present Terms and Conditions be violated.

3.     General conditions of using the interactive services

Posting comments that are of threatening, false, deceiving, abusive, harassing, discriminating, licentious, libeller, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, instigating to hatred, discrimination or racism, profane and any other material that might be a crime or that encourages a behaviour that could favour committing crimes or that might lead to being held accountable or that might in any way break the law, is forbidden.

It is forbidden the posting of materials that violate the privacy, private life or any other fundamental rights of persons.

Spamming, invasion of messages, commercials, chain letter, pyramidal schemes and any other solicitations of this kind are strictly forbidden.

It is forbidden the usage of the website for publicity purposes or for any kind of demand/offer with commercial character without the previous agreement of MANDARINE INTERNATIONAL S.A.

Xenophobic or racist messages, as well as obscene messages, are forbidden.

Any links to websites with pornographic content are strictly forbidden.

The messages are not monitored in every minute, therefore, the website does not hold responsibility for their content. The full responsibility for the added comments or messages is carried by the person who left the respective comment or message.

The messages published in the comments are viewed by users. Therefore, they do not express in any way the points of view of the website.

The administrator reserves the right to delete the controversial content of any comment or message, in reasonable time, and should it be considered necessary, the respective user will be denied further access. Such measures require manual procedures, so deleting and modifying messages will not be possible in an instant manner.

The user must take into consideration the fact that every time he posts a message, his IP address is recorded in case the website access will be denied (or the Internet Service Provider will be contacted). This measure will be taken only if serious violations of the present terms and conditions will be determined.

The administrators of the website reserve the right to delete any message and to forbid the access to the comment modules of the website of any user that does not abide by those conditions.

The user is the sole responsible of the message content and bears possible damage, in case of legal actions against what was published, except for messages that are directly transmitted to the moderator or administrator. In no way will the responsibility of this website or any other website connected to this one will be involved.

4.     Intellectual property. Notifying and signalling the violation of copyright

The website and the whole content of this website, the brands, the logos, graphics, texts, audio or video files, photographs, drawings, software and databases, as well as any other material posted on the website, are protected by the copyright law and are in ownership of MANDARINE INTERNATIONAL S.A. or its partners.

The website and its content are protected by the applicable international legislation regarding copyrights.

It is forbidden to reproduce, copy, multiply, commercialised, rent, distribute, transmit, emit a license, archive or preserve, by any means, including electronic, magnetic or computerised, to sell or exploit any files or texts, the access or use of services or information offered by through the website in a manner that violates the stipulations of the present terms or the international legislation regarding copyright and intellectual property. Any violation of the copyright will have according legal consequences.

The use of logo and of other brands from Mandarine International S.A. Or the association with the name or Mandarine International S.A. Is forbidden without having obtained at first our written permission.

By exception, the visitors have free access to the website and are authorised to view, print and transmit information from the website, but only for personal, non-commercial purposes, accordingly to the stipulations of the present terms and conditions. The media materials from this website can be reproduced under the following conditions:

•   The assumption of information can be made by other websites without a previous agreement, in the limit of 500 characters and without being more than half of the quoted article.

•   Website that assume information must post the source of the information.

•   At the beginning or end of the material the following statement will be clearly and visibly mentioned: Source: , with a directing link towards the website

•   Photographs and video materials can be assumed by other websites only with source citation.

•   Any other material that does not comply with the above conditions can be published only with a preliminary agreement from MANDARINE INTERNATIONAL S.A.

•   All published material is protected by the following legal dispositions: Law no 8/1996, with its later modifications and additions – regarding copyright and associated rights: Law no 84/1998 – regarding brands and geographical indications and Law no 192/1992, republished – regarding industrial models and drawings. Not mentioning legal documents or dispositions will not make them inapplicable.

Notification in case of copyright violation

•   Should you consider that your copyright has been violated by the material posted on the website, we encourage you to proceed to transmitting an elimination notification for the violation of copyright.

•   Such solicitations should be sent only by the right holder or by a representative sent to act in his behalf.

•   Before sending the notification we ask you to check whether the right violation is legal, if has a license or has acquired in any way the right to use that material. Any abusive claim or notification will be sanctioned, should it be the case, including with the restriction of the website access.

•   If will consider that your copyright was violated, it will proceed to eliminate the material in maximum 3 days since the notification was gotten.

•   If will conclude that the deletion of the material was erroneously done, it will proceed to reupload the material on the website.

•   Notifications can be sent to the email address: [email protected]

5.     Data protection and confidentiality. Information storage. Operating personal data

•   Any data with personal character will be stored and used by the website, respecting the legal dispositions stated by the Law no 677/2001 for the protection of persons regarding the use of data with personal character and the free circulation of this data.

•   This website uses its own cookies, as well as third-party cookies, in order to better understand your needs and improve products and service, as well as supplying visitors with a much better browsing experience and services that are adapted to individual interests. Your personal data can be used to personalise as much as possible the service, as well as in marketing purposes.

•   The present website uses ”web 2.0” and the cookies play an important role in facilitating the access and delivery of multiple services that the user enjoys on the Internet, such as:

– The cookies offer website holders a valuable feedback regarding the way their platforms are accessed by the users, so that they can make them more efficient and user-friendly.

– They allow multimedia or any other type of applications from other websites to be included in a particular website so that the browsing experience is more valuable, useful and pleasant.

– They improve the efficiency of online advertising.


•   The cookies of third parties that are encountered on this website can come from the following entities:,, Google Analytics, Google AdSense and so on, as well as from the beneficiaries of the advertising services supplied by our society at a certain moment through the website. You can consult the full list of cookies from third parties in the published list at the ”Cookie policy” section. does not have access to these cookies, nor can it control them.

• will be able to transmit the gathered data to partner websites, websites belonging to the same group or to particularly preferred partners.

• will be also able to use your data to contact you, will store and modify data with personal character in order to transmit information about new offers, promotions, advertising and direct marketing messages. In case you do not desire to be contacted anymore or you require the modification of any information that we provide, you can directly ask for this at the email address: [email protected]

•   Any other kind of communications and materials that you transmit on this website, such as questions, comments, suggestions and other likewise messages will be considered as nonconfidential and will not be subjected to any protection. Also, does not take any responsibility for the situations in which the user publishes any personal data, from his own initiative, in a public message, on the website.

•   Personal data could be provided to authorities should they request this for performing the verifications that the law justifies, if this matter will be solicited according to the present laws.

6.     Limiting responsibility

By accessing, you tacitly assume the fact that using the website is done on your own responsibility. MANDARINE INTERNATIONAL S.A., all the judicial persons and affiliated entities, partner societies or societies belonging to the same group, contract partners, employees and other agents of MANDARINE INTERNATIONAL S.A. That are involved in making any of the services that are offered on the website, including creating and publishing the material, are not responsible for direct or indirect damage, of any nature, that would result from accessing the website or associated with using this website and its content, not even in the situation in which it was previously notified by the possibility of the coming into existence of such losses. MANDARINE INTERNATIONAL S.A. does not control and is not responsible for the possible computer viruses or harmful elements that cause damage to computers or other electronic devices owned by users or visitors, to the network from which the website is being accessed or for any other data loss.

Also, MANDARINE INTERNATIONAL S.A. does not respond for modifying, suspending or interrupting the services that are available through the website.

For the website sections that can contain readers’ opinions, the responsibility for the content of those opinions belongs fully to their authors. has the right not to publish those opinions that contradict the terms and conditions of use or that in any way damage the image of, of partners or third parties.

7.     Links with other pages (art 15 law 365/2002)

It is forbidden to create links of other websites with this website or the other way around, without a preliminary written agreement.

The website contains links to third party websites or other services that are not owned or controlled by the administrators. Using and accessing this links is the choice of the users and when these links are accessed, the users submit to the policy of the respective website. We recommend you to read the usage terms and the confidentiality declarations of all third party websites before using them or sending personal data or any other information on or through these websites. does not control and is not responsible for the availability of these pages, their content, their possible copyright violations, the accuracy and truthfulness that these pages provide, the security they have, whether they contain computer viruses or other harmful elements that endanger you or that cause damage to the computer or to other electronic devices, the network from which you access the website or any other data loss. Likewise, is not held accountable for the type of products or other materials that those websites provide, for the commercial activity that the respective page practises nor for any prejudice or losses that the users might experience by accessing the respective link or regarding the information, content, assets or services put at their disposal by the respective websites.

8.     Warranties

• can’t guarantee in any way that the services it provides will be uninterrupted, provided on time, certain or without errors. The published material is purely informative and cannot substitute, in the applicable cases, the opinion of a specialist.

More specific, the information and/or data from the website:

a) does not constitute a form of consultancy (financial, investment, fiscal, medical, judicial or of any other nature);

b) does not constitute a recommendation regarding any of the listed or mentioned products;

c) does not constitute an encouragement in having a certain type of behaviour or in making a specific investment or taking any other decision;

For this reason, MANDARINE INTERNATIONAL S.A., its partners, affiliates and licensors are not responsible for the financial, commercial or investment decisions that were taken based on the information from the published materials by

• also declines any responsibility regarding the warranty of accuracy of the content that is provided by third parties.

9.     Modifications of these terms

• has the right to modify or replace at any moment the content of the terms and conditions of usage, with or without a preliminary notification of the user. The new conditions become applicable at the moment they were published on the website and do not have retroactive effects.

•   Any modification, no matter how significant, as well as the replacement of the terms and conditions, is fully at the discretion of MANDARINE INTERNATIONAL S.A.

•   Please check and reread these terms regularly, having in mind the fact that any modifications will be applied right after posting on the website. Using the website after these modifications were posted will be considered a tacit accepting of the modifications.

10. Applicable law

The applicable law is the Romanian law. By visiting the website, the user agrees that any litigation is jurisdictional to the competence of the common law courts from Bucharest, Romania.

The terms and conditions that were presented respect the effective legislative regulations: Law no 8/1996, regarding copyright and associated rights: Law no 365/2002, regarding electronic commerce, published in The Official Monitor, no 483 from July 5th, 2002; Law no 193/2000, regarding abusive clauses, published in The Official Monitor, no 560/2000; Edict no 21/1992 regarding consumers’ protections, published in The Official Monitor no 212 from August 28th, 1992.

11. Complaints/Support

For any questions, doubts, complaints, suggestions regarding the website or the service offered by, please contact us at the email address: [email protected]


Latest update: 11.10.2016