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Canelo vs GGG fight ends in draw and controversy


Boxing’s superfight gets a dud ending.

On Saturday night Canelo Alvarez and Gennaday Golovkin faced off in what was supposed to be boxing real super fight of the summer. And for twelve high paced rounds the two boxers delivered. But as every fight fan knows, anything can happen when it goes to the cards.

Judge Adailade Byrd shocked the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena when her score, the first one announced, gave Canelo Alvarez a clean sweep of 118-110. The crowds’ surprise can be heard on tape. GGG looked a little stronger overall in the fight so giving every round to Alvarez was a very strange perception. The 115-113 for Golovkin and a 114-114 even made the match a draw.


While not the result anyone in the arena wanted, a draw works out well for boxing. It protects the big star Canelo from a loss and makes the rematch a certainty. Discussion for the rematch will start in the next few days.

Meanwhile Judge Byrd has been suspended from her duties. Byrd has a history of questionable decisions, with this easily being the most prolific. In sports, a bad judge or ref is hard to get rid of so we’ll see what the future holds for Byrd.

Between this spoiled super fight and the freak show fight of the century all in a few weeks, it’s been the most mainstream exposure boxing has gotten in some time. Hopefully it can be translated into positive attention in the future.

Jack Logan