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Top 5 new features of iPhone 8

Following the leaks regarding the iPhone 8, Forbes made a top featuring the new features of the phone.

True Tone iPhone

The iPhone 8 will upgrade to the iPad Pro’s True Tone Display that allows professional grade colour accuracy.


New aspect ratio and resolution

The new iPhone is expected to switch to a Samsung-like 18.5:9 aspect ratio, as well as an increased resolution of 2436×1125 pixels.

Smarter Power Button

The power button will be enlarged and will be given new tasks, besides power/wake/lock. Double pressing it will activate Apple Pay cards, while holding it down activates Siri.

Wireless Charging

This feature will be based on the Qi standard. However, it will be incompatible with existing Qi-based chargers and require Apple licensing. Since it will operate only at 7.5 watts, it won’t offer fast charging speeds.

Apple Pay via Face ID


Apple’s facial recognition software will be used to authenticate payments when used in combination with a double ckicl of the power button.

Daisy Wilder