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Samsung officially launches the Galaxy Note Fan Edition, a “reloaded Note 7” – VIDEO

Samsung has officially relaunched the Galaxy Note Fan Edition, which mostly uses components left from the Note 7, called back from the market last year due to the batteries exploding.

Samsung has made no secret that the smartphone is the ”Note 7 reloaded”. The only component tat differs is the battery – Samsung chose a smaller battery o 3,200 mAh, compared to the 3,600 mAh battery on the Note 7.

The initial battery was manufactured by another affiliated company, Samsung SDI, and the second version, put up for sale last year as well, had a battery from Chinese company Amperex. Despite this, batteries from the second series exploded as well, making Samsung call back all Note 7’s.


Billions of dollars in losses

The world’s largest smartphone producer haulted the production of Galaxy Note 7 devices in 2016, following several cases when the devices ignited. An inquiry showed that the issues were caused by faulty batteries. Samsung called back more than 3 million Note 7’s last year, with the call back causing $5,5 bln in losses.

Due to the call back, Samsung lost at the end of last year the title of the world’s largest smartphone producer to Apple, but bounced back once the new Galaxy S8 was launched.

The batteries were tested over and over again

This battery went through a new testing process that Samsung set up after the call back of the Note 7, in the attempt to avoid further issues. The company shows that the batteries are tested both visually and through charging.

Bixby included

Another difference from the Note 7 is the software. Galaxy Note Fan Edition uses the new software version and new apps that Samsung configurated for Galaxy S8, including digital assistant Bixby. It is capable of showing users personalized information.

In all other respects, the new Galaxy Note Fan Edition is identical to the Note 7, with the components, construction and the design being the same.

Samsung manages to reach two goals with the new smartphone. On one hand, it will recover some of the losses caused by the Note 7 call back. On the other hand, it manages to recover and reuses a whole series of components and materials that would have posed great environmental challenges.

First sales in South Korea

Galaxy Note Fan Edition will be sold in South Korea, where Samsung would want to sell 400,000 such models. The company will later decide whether the smartphone will be sold on other markets as well.


The new device will be available starting with July 7 and will cost 699,600 Won (around $611). The initial price was of $850.

Daniel Higgson