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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be even bigger than the huge Galaxy S8+

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be larger that the Galaxy S8+, according to recent reports.

It is expected to be launched this summer and has been tipped to feature a 6.3 inch screen. The S8+ has a 6.2 inch display and many people consider it to be way too large, as the Independent reports. While the S8+ is ideal for watching movies and TV shows, most people struggle to reach the top parts of its screen when using the phone with one hand.

The company took the same approach with the Note 8. However, the enormous screen will probably cancel out the slimming effects of the frame and make the phone inconvenient. Both the S8+ and the Note 8’s screen-to-body ratio is abnormally high, making the phones more compact than others on the market.


The next addition to the range is set to launch in September. Until then, the company has to convince consumers again that their brand is to be trusted, after last year’s Note 7 disaster.

Daisy Wilder