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The machine that turns your favourite song into a drink

A Japanese company decided to offer us the possibility to know how our favourite song tastes.

The scientists at The Nomura Open Innovation Lab invented the machine called Squeeze Music which can turn any song into a drink. The machine analyses the emotional content of a song and transforms it into a delicious liquid. Each emotion represents another flavour, as follows:

– Happy = Sweet


– Excitement = Sour

Romance = Astringent

– Sentiment = Salty

– Sadness = Bitter

For instance, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams would be a mix of Sweet and Sour, while ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen could be a mix of all five of those flavours, as the Independent reports.

The developers at NOMLAB are working on five more feelings to incorporate in the machine’s emotional spectrum, including anger. They see the machine as a great addition to any concert or festival: “At a music festival for example, you can enjoy the experience to have a drink blended according to a song while listening to it at the gig. Moreover, we can mix alcohol so it could be served as cocktails in a bar if people want to try that out.”

Squeeze Music is still in its prototype stage, but the creators want to commercialise it in the future.


Daisy Wilder