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Elon Musk’s grave outlook on Artificial Intelligence


It’s been on our minds for quite a while. The takeover of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, but only through mediums like television, movies, and books. Elon Musk is thinking about the threat of A.I.s in a much more realistic sense than most people.

For a few years now, Elon Musk has been warning of the looming threat of AI to mankind. Most recently in mid July, Musk discussed his opinion towards the progression of AI at the National Governor’s Association in Rhode Island. In a conversation with the nation’s governors Musk said that AI poses an “existential risk for human civilization”.

Recently, there has been a growing concern of AI affecting jobs because of the automation of many lower skilled positions. This problem was brought up to Musk in an interview with Nevada’s governor Brian Sandoval. Musk’s statement towards the growing number of robots in the workforce was that, “robots will do everything better than us”. The loss of jobs however, is only a small issue of what Musk feels is a much larger problem.


Musk has been actively involved in the development of AI in hopes to monitor how fast they are improving and remain as close as possible to the technology. He is taking as many precautions as he can to stay ahead of AI development. Musk has even created a company called OpenAI to attempt to make the technology available to many companies. He has done this to prevent a single company from controlling AI technology and having a monopoly over it. He also believes that we must take “precautionary, proactive government intervention” with AI and feels that “if we’re reactive in AI regulation, it’s too late”.

Dan Calabrese