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Major Snapchat update brings Paperclip web browser, backdrops and voice filters

The latest Snapchat update offers its users three major new features, as the Independent reports.

The app now lets people send links to their friends through a web browser named Paperclip. Once a user captures a picture or records a clips, they will see a new paperclip icon in the vertical toolkit. After tapping it, the user can enter a URL of their choice and attach it to their snap. Whoever receives it can see a preview of the link at the bottom of their screen and can open it in Snapchat’s own web browser with an upward swipe.

Backdrop allows users to turn anyone and anything into the centerpiece of a snap, by overlaying a pattern on the background of a shot. Once a picture is taken, the Backdrop option can be selected by tapping the scissors icon and selecting it from the vertical toolkit. After choosing one of the designs that change daily, the user can trace around the subject that they want to be the center of attention in their snap.


Snapchat also introduces voice filters that are, for the first time, independent of the visual filters. After recording a snap, the user can tap the speaker icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and choose from the voice filter options that are available.

Daisy Wilder