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Pakistan to raise Kashmir issue at UN next week


Pakistan’s ambassador to the United nations said that Pakistan’s Prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will raise Kashmir issue during his speech at UN on September 21.

According to reports, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations said that Pakistan will raise Kashmir dispute during Prime minister’s speech at the United Nations general debate next week.

Pakistan is fighting for the people of Kashmir effectively and playing a vital role in behalf of Kashmiris and has raised the Kashmir issue on every international fora including United Nations.


“India is violating United Nations Resolutions and international law by not giving right of self determination to the people of Kashmir”, an official said. He further added that “Indian policy to change the demography of Kashmir will be foiled and Pakistan will keep fighting for the rights of the people of Kashmir.”

On the other hand, experts in India described it as “diversionary tactics”.

Kashmir issue is a long standing dispute between two nuclear armed arch rivals. India holds two third of the territory but claims whole of Kashmir while Pakistan currently holds one third of the Kashmir and demands the right to self determination for the people of Kashmir according to United Nations’ resolutions.