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Tesla’s first Model 3 electric cars are out to be bought


Tesla’s stakes are high with over a half million orders for the $35,000, 350 km-range car.

Elon Musk dreams of revolutionising the auto industry with Tesla’s electric vehicle. Now, the man is a step ahead to realise it. The Tesla-head has rolled out the first batch of his electric cars for the employee buyers.

Tesla unravelled the first mode 3 electric cars in an event outside its factory in Fremont, California. Musk proudly displayed the $35,000 vehicle ranging 220 miles for a single charge. The longer range version (310 miles on a single charge) of the Model 3 car would cost $44,000.


Tesla’s Model S and Model X suffered launch hold ups owing to the production and quality issues. Now the company decides to go with the simpler vehicles, Model 3. These cars come with a contoured dashboard without buttons or knobs. Ther’s a touchscreen display near the driver. Customers willing to own a car need to pay a refundable deposit of $1,000 included in the tax credits. However, buyers won’t be able to own any car before 2018.

There have already been a half million orders, and Musk knows what the company is up for. Accepting the challenge he says, “We’re going to go through at least six months of manufacturing hell.” The company is also targeting to produce 500,000 vehicles next year which would be 6 times of the last year production. Tesla also has to meet up to the Model 3 hype.

With more than $2bn already spent, Tesla’s hopes are high, and fingers crossed. A lot remains at stake as Musk releases the Model 3 cars with a smile. Although a successful run of these cars can revive and motivate the company to keep steering on this innovative track, failure is a huge risk.

Model 3 is just beginning on Musk’s part. His plans with the Tesla’s technology is gigantic. He wants to make vehicles, solar systems, and batteries based on clean energy. For now, the company witnesses a roaring hike of 54% in its share prices owing to this launch. Tesla now stands ahead of General Motors and Ford.