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The hijab emoji is here thanks to a 16-year-old Saudi girl

Women who wear headscarves are now represented in emoji form, thanks to a Saudi teenager, as the Independent reports.

Rayouf Alhumedhi, 16, managed to convince the group that develops emojis to create one that resembled her and “millions of women from different races” around the world. She said she found it “baffling” that there was no hijab emoji already and wrote to The Unicode Consortium as a result.

On Monday, World Emoji Day, Apple announced it had introduced the design among others, such as a breastfeeding woman. Both the hijab and the breastfeeding emoji have multiple available skin tones.


The teenager’s idea was born when she and her friends were creating a WhatsApp group chat and she realised there was no emoji to represent her. “I’m really happy with what it looks like,” Alhumedhi told CNN. “I’m just so excited because it’s finally came out after all the work, all the writing.”

Daisy Wilder