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Never do these seven things in the Queen’s presence

If you are to meet the Queen, you probably want to make a good impression. While the monarchy’s website provides that “there are no obligatory codes of behaviour when meeting The Queen or a member of the Royal Family”, some people might still want to oblige to the traditional rules.

1. Don’t touch the Queen

This rule dates back to the Middle Ages, according to Mirror, when “monarchs were divinely appointed to rule by God, so they were kind of seen as gods, so they demanded to be treated as gods,” as historian Kate Williams explained.


2. Don’t show up without a gift

You should bring a gift that is appropriate to the occasion. For instance, if the Queen visits your hometown, you could offer her something that reflects the local culture.

3. Stand up

Your feet might hurt, but you should always stand when the Queen enters the room. You are to sit when she’s made herself comfortable.

4. Respect the dress code

No matter how late you are running, you should always make sure you dress accordingly when meething the Queen. For instance, if the event is black tie, wear black tie.

5. Don’t refer to her by her first name or by a nickname


When you first meet the Queen, you should address to her as “Your Majesty” and then you may call her “Ma’am”. However, when she leaves, you have to call her “Your Majesty” once more.

6. Only speak to her if she speaks to you

The old rule for kids – “don’t speak unless spoken to first” – applies to the Queen as well. The rule exists so that she can control every aspect of the discussion and exiting it when she feels like it.

7. Don’t eat before she does

The banquet might look tasty and tempting, but you should refrain from eating until the Queen does. Furthermore, it would be ideal if you finished your meal at the same time she does.

Daisy Wilder