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Why you should keep rocking those repeated outfits

The excessive waste and damage fast fashion brought upon the world might be ameliorated by wearing and loving the clothes you already have.

The fact that people feel the need to apologize for appearing in the same outfit more than once on Instagram is a worrying phenomenon that ethical fashion blogger Verena Enns has noticed. Project Stopshop has plenty of motivational photos for those who are struggling to get rid of the fast fashion mentality.

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With fast fashion came a perverse belief that wearing the same outfit twice is to be frowned upon. Even if a person falls in love with their new fast-fashion item, it will be almost impossible to keep it, considering the poor manufacturing technique. This has devastating environmental consequences, according to Tree Hugger.

The amount of resources that goes into creating fast fashion pieces of clothing is frightening. While cheap, the items come with a big footprint. The real cost is absorbed by the poor workers from developing nations with minimal waste-management.

The waste is made particularly devastating by the thousands of liters of water (for instance, 1 cotton shirt requires around 3 years of drinking water to be made), energy and petrochemicals, dyes, packaging, shipping and poorly compensated labor.

“It’s devastating to think after all that a garment might be worn once, maybe twice, and then thrown away (the average American throws 70lbs of textile waste into the landfill each year),” Enns wrote on her site. “When people pay very little for an item they’re not as likely to take care of it/repair it or feel bad throwing it away.”

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Daisy Wilder