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Crispy jellyfish has potential as a tasty new food


In the search for new natural healthy foods jellyfish has great potential. Crispy jellyfish is nutritious and delicious.

It has been reported by the University of Southern Denmark that there is a need for new foods in the world. Jellyfish has great potential as a tasty and nutritious food. Actually for thousands of years jellyfish has been considered a highly desirable food in Asia. It is now believed with a new type of preparation jellyfish could catch on as a desirable food in the West too.

A gastrophysicist from University of Southern Denmark has developed a new drying method for jellyfish which makes it as thin as paper and crunchy. Getting rid of the rubbery texture of your standard jellyfish served in Asia may appeal more to western tastes.


There seems to be great gastonomical potential to this new preparation method for jellyfish. There is a good feel in the mouth and an aesthetic appearance to dried jellyfish. The jellyfish tastes pretty good this way and as an added advantage the processing is a lot faster than via the traditional Asian way.

There’s a lot of jellyfish around the world. When there are too many of them around many fisherman become annoyed when there are many of them caught in their nets. Turning jellyfish into a desirable food source in the West like it has been in Asia would turn them into a good catch for more fisherman worldwide.

This study has been published in the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science. Jellyfish has been considered a delicacy in some parts of Asia for hundreds of years. With a new drying technique for production it is believed jellyfish now also has great potential as a major food source in the West.

Dr Harold Mandel