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This 22-year-old rainbow-haired girl is travelling the world for free

Stephi LaReine lives just like a Hollywood A-lister, according to Daily Mirror, her lifestyle being dominated by globe-trotting, fashion shoots and deluxe parties.

Her thousands of followers allow her to live in the arms of luxury. LaReine originally started her online reputation as a way to pass some time during summer break at university, as the Liverpool Echo reports.

The photography and graphics graduate said that she hasn’t always dreamed of a life in front of the camera: “I had no desire to be in front of the camera, only behind it being the the fly on the wall, but being told I have eclectic style gave me the boost to creating a unique online space in which I wanted to present my wild life of fashion, travels and beauty.”

The rainbow-haired girl who travels the world for free
Photo: Instagram

After her top selling feature, her multicoloured hair, got noticed, her blog began to gather thousands of readers and free clothes and make up began to pour in. LaReine gets invited to VIP parties and all-expenses paid trips around the world.

Regarding her latest trips, she said: “I’ve been doing gradually more and more [press trips], so I’ve been covering Spain, Hamburg, Berlin and Amsterdam lately, with potential talks of the Maldives and America in the near future, which excites me.

“I’m being flown off to Ibiza for their Fashion Festival soon which is very exciting. I live for exploring, I’d spend my life on a plane if I could.

“The memories I make are the best freebies, so when I’m taken to a different country to a festival in my eyes there’s nothing that can put a price on an experience. I sat down and had a bottle of wine recently with Tony Visconti in Germany, he’s the best friend and producer of David Bowie and T-Rex’s best hits.”

Her blog feeds her wanderlust and keeps her appetite for fashion and beauty products under control, due to receivinf so many freebies that she has ran out of space in her studio.

She said: “I quite enjoy the every growing pile of clothes and makeup I’m sent on a weekly basis – I don’t think any woman would quibble this.

“My boyfriend probably doesn’t enjoy it as much as me, as my supply has grown from beyond my studio, into our other bedrooms and slowly filling up the house.”

The rainbow-haired girl who travels the world for free
Photo: Instagram

Her benefits, however, go beyond the freebies, as she explains: “The perks were never the reason why I wanted to blog, I had a voice I wanted to send across the world. I get so many exclusive VIP event invites and invitations to open stores across the northwest, which are mega flattering.

“To me, good company and conversation is better than any lipstick, or pair of shoes. My life did radically change in a very beautiful blossoming way, every day is like living on cloud nine.”

“But really the biggest perk is the exclusive access to a very secretive world in fashion and beauty, and select group of out of box thinkers that have become very close friends of mine.”

While her hair is a huge part of her success, she admits that it once got her excluded from school.

She said: “[My hair] got such a mixed response, when I was first starting out, I probably got more negative comments than positive.

“But suddenly the wind of trends changed and rainbow hair started appearing on the catwalk many years later, and taking over social media I was praised, and called an inspiration and icon for being individual and disregarding the social norm.

“My family are first and foremost supportive of every decision I make, they had mad hair themselves in the 70s and 80s. I blame their fantastic music taste for making me so creative and free. They knew I was a wild child from the start, my mum actually dyed my hair for red nose day and it remained pink for many weeks, where I was excluded from school.

“I look back on those photos as my very first moment I decided I wanted vibrant hair. I think they knew too.”

Daisy Wilder