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If you do this one thing everyday you might lose weight easier

According to a new study, people who weight themselves daily can lose more weight than those who don’t.

Researchers at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania asked around 300 women – of various weights, who were not on any weight-loss diet at the time and who were students – how often they weighed themselves. They then measured their BMI (the Body Mass Index, that measures a person’s height-to-weight ratio and assesses their body fat) at the start of the study, six months into it and two years later.

It has been found that the women who weighed themselves daily had lower BMIs after two years had passed, as opposed to those who didn’t. The researchers concluded that weighing yourself every day might make people more aware of their fitness, as well as diet goals. The study recruited students on purpose, as more than 70% of students gain weight during their first year at college, as research suggests.


“Regularly weighing yourself can motivate you to engage in healthy eating and exercise behaviours, because it provides you with evidence that these behaviours are effective in helping you lose weight or prevent weight gain,” Meghan Butryn, one of the authors of the research, said, according to the Independent. “Similarly, if you see weight gain on the scale, that information can motivate you to make a change.”

The connection between weighing yourself daily and weight loss could not be confirmed. “It is possible that the relation between self-weighing and weight might be driven by scale avoidance among those who experienced weight gain,” the researchers wrote.

Daisy Wilder