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”Alien yoga”, the latest fitness trend taking over Instagram

Alien yoga” is the latest fitness trend that has been taking Instagram by storm.

”Alien yoga” is practised when exhaling fully,  isolating the abdomen and then pulling it into the ribcage, creating an effect that looks like rolling water.

The videos of people practising the ”alien yoga” poses have taken Instagram by storm and led to divided opinions among users.


I don’t have much rhythm, but I think I caught the beat there for a second ?? #aloyoga #beagoddess #nauli

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Although it may seem unbelievable, the ”alien yoga” has been around for centuries, being traditionally known as ”nauli”. The practice is said to tone the core and help with digestion, among other health benefits, and can be mastered by a person of any age or experience level, according to website

“Nauli cleanses the internal organs and tones the abdominal region via a side-to-side rolling motion of the abdominal muscles. Although nauli is not widely taught or used today in most Western yoga classes, in some classical yoga traditions, it was among the first exercises taught to new students, even before any asana was taught,” the website reads.

Experts have warned, though, that nauli should not be practised without supervision, as it is ”a powerful action that can cause discomfort, or possibly, minor injury.”

Lydia Peirce