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iCEE.fest 2017: Talks on use of marijuana, VR, and sound in hospitals

One of the most important festivals dedicated to digital technology and the Internet, iCEE.fest, will feature talks on the benefits of medical marijuana, how VR is used in the operating theatre, and the way sound can help patients.

As 29 states in the U.S. have now legalised the use of medical marijuana, the same thing could happen all over the European Union. Thomas Mershon will speak on the subject at

Shafi Ahmed, the first surgeon to use VR technology in the operation theatre, will also share his story at and talk about how technology can change the current medical system.


Recovering after an operation, Yoko K. Sen realised music could change how patients see hospitals. She created Sen Sound, a company with the goal to change the sounds people experience while in hospitals. She will also speak at

iCEE.fest is the most important festival in the region dedicated to digital technology and the Internet. Most global companies, including Google, Facebook, The New York Times, Shazam, Yahoo, Lad Bible and AOL will take part in the event held in Bucharest between June 15 – 16, at Baneasa Mall.

John Beckett