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The second edition of takes place on June 16, within the iCEE.fest festival, and brings to Bucharest some of the most famous specialists worldwide that will demonstrate how digital technology transforms the most important aspect of our lives: health.

Nick Adkins (PinkSocks, US), Eugene Borukhovich (Bayer, Germany), Sarah Norman (McKinsey & Company, UK) and Carman Kobza (MyCliniCare, Germany/India) will present digital solutions that are today implemented on four continents: North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Shafi Ahmed (Medical Realities, UK), one of the most trusted surgeons worldwide, will demonstrate that virtual reality in the operating theatre and in medical education is a thing of the present.

Alexandru Popescu (Philips, South East Europe) will be talking about how technology and innovation change health, while Denise Silber (Basil Strategies, France) and Casper Smeets (Rockstart, The Netherlands) will show how digital innovation in health demands and produces a new paradigm.


How to channel this creative energy in an immutable domain such as health? Yoko K Sen, a musician in health, will remind us why we need to rethink and reimagine this vital space.

Digital health is considered not only a way of reinventing medicine, but also a drive for economic development. hosts the first strategic development workshop for European start-ups in digital health (Romania, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece and The Netherlands) offered by eHealth Hub.

”At we believe that we all have a part to play in health, so we address to all those involved and interested in the subject. This is the first event of its kind in Romania, and starting with this year, we adhere to the Everyone Included™ principles, developed at Stanford Medicine X”, Lorena Macnaughtan, event director explains.

This year’s theme is reinventing health systems through digital technologies.

In 2017, has several remarkable international partners, such as: Medtech Engine, Innovate Medtec, Health 2.0, eHealth Hub, Giant Health Event, as well as local partners: eHealth Romania, Houston NPA and Innovation Labs. At the moment, supporters of this section in the festival are Boiron and Bayer. tickets can be bought from the official website of the festival and cost only 75 Euros, with medicine students benefiting from 50% discount (with the StudentMed code).


Colin Carter