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Live grenades and a sports car found in WWI training tunnels

Climate change could drastically influence the Nile river

Wax worms can make plastic biodegradable

Humpback mothers and calves communicate by whispering

High times. How tall were Englishmen in the past 2,000 years

Fluid-filled artificial womb developed by scientists to help premature babies

Scientist working to resolve age old mystery of what animal came first

Researchers reveal why the eyes offer a window into the soul

Birth order may influence a child’s skills. First-borns are more likely to becom

LSD induces a heightened state of consciousness, new study shows

Human umbilical cord blood could be the answer for brain rejuvenation

Zika RNA discovered in a second mosquito species

Egypt unveils massive statue of Ramses II

Scientists have evidence of water ice under Ceres' surface

World News

A world of constant threat. What countries ...

For more than 80 years now, we have been living in a world where nuclear war is a constant threat. Though we no longer see moments of tension like the famous Cuban Missile Crisis from 1962, the ...


”Smart food” is here. What we will eat in the future – VIDEO