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Here’s why you should shop at Hollister Co.


If you’re the type that likes a fresh fun look why not give Hollister Co. a try?

Located in almost every mall in the US, Hollister Co. is a great store that is affiliated with Abercrombie and Fitch that has a laid back beachy feel. This is one of the best stores to find flip flops with personality, colorful and festive dresses, poppin’ polos and many different types of jeans. You can find medium wash jeans, sky blue jeans, indigo jeans, distressed jeans, skinny jeans and flare jeans. Not to mention they have outerwear for the winter. You can find just about all of your needs at Hollister Co. Here are a few reasons why you should stop into Hollister Co. the next time you hit the mall.

Great sales-A lot of people say that Hollister Co. is way too expensive for their taste but the reality is that they have a lot of great sales. During these sales you can snag jeans for $25 or less and shirts for less than $15. Not to mention they have a great clearance section.


Something for everyone-Some people say that Hollister Co. is just too preppy for their taste but the truth is the store has come a long way in the past few years. They now sell black clothing; they have extended sizes, shirts in all sorts of different cuts, colors and styles. For example I own a pair of Nike Prestos that are a melon pink color and I went all around the mall trying to find a few cute tops to match them. But when I went to Hollister Co. my search ended. I found not one, not two but three different shirts that went well with my Prestos.

Club Cali benefits-If you are a frequent shopper at Hollister Co. you can join Club Cali which is a benefits program. There are many great offers when you sign up. As soon as you join you get $10 off of your next purchase of $25 or more. Some other fantastic perks are exclusive birthday offers, members only offers and express checkout.

Great accessories-In addition to having adorable and good quality clothing, Hollister Co. also has a ton of great accessories. Belts, sunglasses, hats, hair scrunchies, necklaces, headbands, backpacks, purses and even canteens Hollister Co. has it all. So if you are looking for a nice necklace to go with your new sandals Hollister is the place to go.



Krystal Goethe