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Let’s get colorful!


Amina Mucciolo, aka Studio Mucci, takes her followers on a colorful journey… through her home and her personality. Take a look!

Amina Mucciolo is a woman of color that is bursting of colorful vibes. Having struggled with depression, OCD, and bulimia at a point in her life, Mucciolo decided to turn that around as best as one could and become what her followers know her to be: Tasselfairy.

This magical being explains why she opted to go this colorful brick road:


A lot of people wonder why I’m so “colorful” and it’s because I spent most of my life in a bleak hole battling depression, bulimia and OCD,” she says to her instagram followers, “…and it almost killed me… But it didn’t! After so much suffering and pain I decided that I deserved to do anything and everything that made me happy… I never could have imagined that it would make so many other people happy too.”

Between all the negativity and hate we see going on in the world, it’s refreshing to see another person so bright and so outspoken spreading and sharing that love with others.

Now let us take a look at this home, shall we?

From the wall of tassels and the wall of flowers…

To the bedroom and even kitchenware…

Amina “Tasselfairy” Mucciolo is a burst of fresh air. One that we all need to breathe in and be… well…