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Summer Fashion – from sandals to stilettos


This summer is all about the ankle, according to Vogue’s July edition. Get your ankles on display in an extraordinary fashion. The idea is to draw attention to them in a seductive manner, which means adorning them with canary colours and metallic trinkets. Of course don’t overdo it with percussive bells or anything over the top, but do strike a balance with metallic materials and beads. The theme is ankle straps that wrap around the ankle several times – particularly as far as sandals go. Evenings ultimately require very high stilettos, for the adventurous, and maybe some glittery flats for comfort, but remember to dress the ankle sufficiently whatever you do.

Valentino and Nina Ricci, are recommended by Vogue, to meet the look for heals and Alexander Wang can provide a flip flop with an ankle buckle. As for the flat option Lanvin offers decorative and glittery numbers to provide glamour and comfort simultaneously, whilst also meeting the obligatory ankle focus. Yves Saint Laurent have also released a diamante YSL ankle logo which draws much needed attention.

Delicate ankle chains are also a must which you can use for appropriate adornment. Look to Amborsio and Giorgio Tordini, who have devised wonderfully aesthetic ankle chains – appropriate for mainly flip flop or flats. Jennifer Fisher is also featured in July’s edition with a silver beaded ankle bracelet. For those disco-heads make sure you buy a pare of Isabel Marant’s metallic silver sandals – they are the key look for this summer season.