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A single best beauty tip for strong nails


Oils have been known for ages as being effective cosmetics. But there is one special oil that is super-effective for nails and cuticles. Good news: it’s dirt cheap!

Castor oil – the shiniest of them all – is a liquid oil obtained from seeds of castor plant (Ricinus communis). It is commonly used as a laxative but it’s far more versatile.

Rubbing several drops of castor oil in your cuticles and nails will soften the skin and strengthen the nail surface. Just remember to be consistent — those deep damages won’t disappear overnight. It might take up to 2 months to show results, but they are well worth the effort. The nails will be stronger, more even and brighter. Finally, you will be able to grow them. It is absolutely OK to use nail polish through the treatment time — just please, don’t abuse your nails with an acetone-based polish remover.


Buying castor oil shouldn’t be a problem, there are many brands available in stores and pharmacies, as well as on Amazon. Remember that you don’t need to break a bank for a fancy brand — just chose the pure oil.

As soon as you get one in your hands you can test its other beauty-related uses: castor oil works well in conditioning your brows and lashes (just be careful not to get it in the eyes).