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Millennial Pink is the new black


This year is definitely ruled by pastel shades: they are everywhere and on everyone. But what exactly is this new Millennial Pink everybody is obsessing over and how can we make the best of it?

It’s all over Instagram, Tumblr even called it “Tumblr pink”, Millennials love it and VIPs wear it pridefully whenever they can: it’s official, Millennial Pink is the most used, loved and wanted colour of the year.

 It spread through the web like a pastel-pink frenzy, starting with Instagram and quickly taking over the entire fashion world- and it’s still ruling. Millennial pink is one of the handfuls of shades that express a whole new way of feeling and absolutely every brand is obsessing over it.


  Everywhere, while users create lavender-shaded and oh-so-peachy mood boards on Pinterest, celebrities are dying their hair Millennial Pink -yes, Shakira, we’re pointing at you-, painting their nails Millennial Pink and…guess what? Wearing their holographic shirts Millennial Pink.

 Wow. Such variety.

Seven months after the beginning of 2017, we finally have to admit that we are all obsessed with this girlish, strangely satisfying colour. An obsession that is, actually, not even about a single nuance: nobody has a clear idea of which Pantone shade might represent the perfect Millennial Pink, although nobody seems bothered by worshipping a colour that’s not even a colour.

 The proper Millennial Pink is a spring-oriented shade, it goes from peach to salmon and it’s definitely pastel, although nobody actually knows how pink. It might even tend to a soft lilac or to a slightly cooler shade of peony, as long as it remains babyish and pretty rather than beautiful.

 All we know for sure is that it’s fashionable as hell and everywhere.

 The choice of Millennial Pink accessories is never-ending, but here are three things that you really shouldn’t miss.



Instagram friendly, pretty and definitely sending a message: from “I’m a Unicorn” from “Girl Boss”, the personalised mug represents a must have for every Iger worth of its name.

 Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate pics, with the right Millennial pink vibe, are granted to earn you tons of kudos.


Nude shades are going great this season, as we saw with the Too Faced’s Natural Love palette, so it may be wise to invest your time in some online tutorials on how to rock a monochrome, pastel look. Just to be sure.


 Just three words: planners, candles and erasers. All, of course, scented (the main choices are candy, mint, rose and strawberry), fashionable and pastel. If you want to rock it, match a millennial pink diary to a marbled phone case: welcome, millennial vibes.


Ever heard about Essie? Ever heard about Essie? It’s a famous Nail Polish brand that is known for it’s quality, affordability and a huge choice of pastel shades. Still not 100% sure you’re part of the Millennial Pink Crew, yet? Then just drop those boring hand moisturisers and try Glossier. Hydrating pink-packaged.