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The best time to go to bed if you have to get up at 7am

According to advice from Web Blinds, there are certain times when you could go to sleep if you are planning to get up early in the morning and they are all revolving around our sleep cycles.

Sleep cycles involve five stages of sleep – four that do not encompass rapid eye movement (REM) and one that does, according to the Independent. During the night, we cycle from light sleep (stage 1) to a very deep sleep (stage 4) and then REM sleep, when dreams usually occur. If we are roused suddenly, midway through a cycle, by an external factor (such as alarm clock or noise from the neighbours), we’re most likely to become irritable in the morning.

According to Web Blinds, if you are due to wake up at 7 am, you should go to bed at 9:46 pm, 11:16 pm, 12:46 am or 2:16 am, if you don’t want to disturb your sleep cycles. When calculating this, they considered that it takes about 14 minutes to fall asleep and sleep cycles take around 90 minutes. If you so to bed at one of these hours, you should be coming out of a phase in time for your alarm.

This is when you should go to bed if you have to wake up early in the morning
Photo: Web Blinds

Smartphone owners can also download a sleep cycle alarm app that works by monitoring your activity as you sleep and trying to wake you up when you are cycling through phases, at the point when you are closest to wake up.

Daisy Wilder