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China steps in to fill America’s shoes on climate change after Trump backs out


A week after Trump withdraws America from the Paris climate change, China has stepped up to the plate to become an international leader.

With Trump having pulled America out of the clean energy race by backing out of the Paris climate change agreement deal, China has stepped up to the plate to take charge. California Governor Jerry Brown has avoided Washington since Trump’s decision to withdraw. The annual clean energy meetings initially began in the early days of the Obama presidency under the leadership of then-Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who hosted the first session in Washington, D.C.

The goal was to create a forum for collaboration on clean energy apart from the annual meetings on climate change that had been occurring since the 1990s. But at this year’s conference, Energy Secretary Rick Perry played a stigmatized role, primarily promoting natural gas, nuclear energy, and technology to capture carbon dioxide from fossil fuel emissions.


Perry said the U.S. would continue to lead the charge on developing and investing in clean energy sources, but he also challenged China to step up as the country has said it will.

China has previously been the leader of climate change carbon dioxide emissions, yet has committed to reaching peak carbon output by 2030, with shrinking emissions every successive year. China refuses to stand down fighting for a cleaner and greener Earth, and through Trump’s withdrawal from a global effort, he succeeds only in making America appear ignorant, weak, and uncivilized to the rest of the world.

Greed has trumped common sense, and the entire world will suffer for it, should American’s allow the Trump administration to play footloose with the health of our decaying environment, limited resources, and dwindling fossil fuel reserves. This energy is not limitless, and Earth is not an abundant resource cash disposal, its power can run dry, and we can use all of our natural energy up without foresight and discipline.

Simon Stravitz