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Trump administration planning to expand DHS deportation powers: Report


DHS to expedite deportations for illegal immigrants

The White House is planning to expand the authority of the Department of Homeland Security deportation powers. The Trump administration is reviewing a policy that would expand the DHS’ role to rapidly deport illegal immigrants. Under a proposal outlined in memo obtained by the Post, the department could deport illegal immigrants those who are apprehended anywhere in the country who have not lived in the United States for more than 90 days.

The proposal is in draft form and no final decisions have been made on it by Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, DHS spokeswoman Joanne Talbot told the Post. The new guidelines, if enacted, would represent a bigger role of the agency’s authority to speed up deportations under President Trump, who has made border security a top priority.

Under the current policy the DHS has the power to remove immigrants living in the country illegally for less than 2 weeks who were apprehended within 100 miles of the border. There have been reports of the Trump Administration planning to build a ‘Nationwide Deportation Force’ in the past.

Tanya Sawhney

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