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Tesla extended the life of some cars to help Florida residents escape Hurricane Irma

Unlocking the full potential of a Tesla battery might cost thousands of dollars, unless you’re fleeing Hurricane Irma, as Weforum reports.

When a customer trying to escape the storm contacted Tesla to ask for more power, the company began issuing free over-the-air upgrades to drivers in the state, asccording to Electrek. Certain Tesla models that were introduced in 2016, such as Model X and S vehicles, come with 75 kilowatt-hour batteries that are software-limited to just 60 or 70 kilowatt hours and capable of 200 to 230 miles per charge.

A Florida driver who received the free update to 75 kilowatt-hours on September 10 posted a screenshot of the Tesla app that shows a range of 242 miles, as the Verge reports.


Tesla has sent the update to drivers across Florida and will allow them to use the increased capacity until September 16, as an email Tesla sent to its customers shows.

Daisy Wilder