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iCEE.fest 2017. Atanas Raykov, Business Developement Director at Viber: ”We have over 800 million users worldwide, the app is encrypted and no one can intercept the conversations” – VIDEO

Viber has over 800 million users worldwide, being the main instant messaging app in Eastern Europe (except for Romania) and in the Middle East, with the company being backed by giant Rakuten, known as the ”Amazon of Japan”, Atanas Raykov, director of business development for Central and Eastern Europe and the space of the former USSR at Viber declared at iCEE.fest.

He added that Viber is now 100% encrypted, so no one is intercepting the conversations. The official also mentioned the fact that Viber does not store any of the conversation.

Moreover, Raykov added that the app is very safe and it is used even in the banking world.


The businessman also stated that the fake news phenomenon is a real threat, mainly due to the fact that the younger generations take their information from social media and lack the instinct of checking its accuracy.

According to him, technology companies can’t be acting like the “police”, but they can hide from users sources that are not to be trusted.

Finally, Raykov mentioned that Viber and Rakuten are the new sponsors for football club FC Barcelona.

Daniel Higgson