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Lake Chad is disappearing. Architects have a bold plan to save it

Lake Chad in Central Africa is disappearing before our eyes with scientists estimating that it will be completely gone by the turn of the century if immediate action is not taken. Lake Chad, bordered by Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria, and Niger is considered vital to the health of the region.

Cameroonian architect Hermann Kamte is looking at ways to save the lake from drying out. According to his firm, the disappearance of the lake would impact over nine million people nearby, and indirectly, 30 million people in the region.

He created a limnology and desalination centre in an attempt to initiate data based solutions. According to his design, the desalination centre features pipes connected to the Atlantic Ocean that will help treat and redistribute fresh water.


The water based limnology research center called The Forgotten – Dead or Alive will be used for exploring and studying the natural surroundings of the lake. The information provided by scientists will ensure that the ambitious goal of fully restoring the Chad and its surroundings will be completed.

According to Hermann Kamte’s vision, the desalination center should be operational until 2080, bringing the water inland from the Atlantic while scientist will plant the necessary vegetation to ensure sustainability. This way, in almost 70 years, the natural habitat will be fully restored.

Sylvia Jacob