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Ukrainian start-up 3D prints your house and lets you go off grid

A Ukrainian start-up has taken a new approach to house building. The company 3-D prints fully autonomous houses that can even withstand Arctic climate conditions.

A Ukrainian start-up wants to make the best of the 3-D printing technology by applying it to house building. The enterprise promises fully autonomous houses that can even withstand Arctic climate conditions.

PassivDom produces autonomous self-learning module houses made using 3D-printing. And the buildings are ecological since they only use clean solar energy for all needs including climate control, water generation, air quality and oxygen control, the company says. The houses themselves also produce electricity for all household appliances.


The start-up uses EU certified materials and the insulation is of high quality, according to PassivDom, allowing for reduce consumption of heat or cooling systems.

Besides letting you go off the grid and saving you the nightmarish bills, the house can be installed on any property since there is no need for a building permit or a construction site. And there’s more. The house is light enough to be moved if you desire a change of scenery. Being autonomous also means that you can explore all the landscapes, from the seaside, to the mountain tops.


And according to the Ukraine start-up, you can go house-shopping today and move in tomorrow as the assembly is done at a factory and the buyer gets a ready house from the warehouse. It takes about a month to print out the home but waiting time is necessary only for special orders.

PassivDom goes even further telling customers that they can choose the house of their liking in the morning and sleep in their new beds by night as buildings can be immediately shipped while the heating, ventilation, plumbing and household appliances are connected and adjusted on-site. The house is decorated with high-quality minimalistic furniture, perfect moving-in while allowing customers to imprint their own interior design styles.


When it comes to building materials, PassivDome uses fibreglass, carbon and polyurethane. The walls of the house can’t rust like iron or rot like wood and the building is not combustible. PassivDoms will not become colder with time as there are no materials that lose their thermal conductivity properties. This is why the company offers a 40-years warranty for the preservation of thermal characteristics.

For those that enjoy not only clean living but also the advances of technology, the PassivDoms can be ordered with the “very smart house package” meaning that all home devices will be networked to the Internet Of Things and will be controllable fom the owner’s phone.

A self-learning micro-climate system will create favourable conditions inside the house: maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity and monitoring the oxygen and carbon dioxide content.


And if you buy one unit, you can then expend by purchasing additional modules, making your house just as grand as you want, using a lego-like approach.

When it comes to pricing, an empty house with all finishing surfaces, in-wall wiring, heating and ventilation, without engineering systems, also usable as an additional unit, can be ordered for a little over $33,000 dollars, or the equivalent of 29.900 €. A 100% autonomous house will cost 59.900 €, that is over $67,000 depending on currency rates.

For those that are not yet convinced, via telephone, the company offers hotel-stays in the modules so that customers can experience and enjoy the houses.

Sylvia Jacob