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You can now have urns that grow plants with loved ones’ remains

Bios has launched a modern funerary urn that lets people grow plants with the ashes of loved ones. The company has already received hundreds of orders, revealing that many people want an alternative to the traditional burial process, according to Inhabitat.

Design Gerard Moliné came up with the idea. He launched an omonimous Barcelona-based company with his brother Roger Moliné. The Bios Urn’s container is made from 100% biodegradable materials. In the urn, a seed can grow in the ashes of late friends or family. It is cheaper than a burial – only $145 – and also better for the environment. The company also designed the Bios Incube, a device in which the Bios Urn can be placed and biodegrade as a tree grows in the incubator.

Bios Incube can be controlled via an app and a sensor that rests on top of the dirt and monitors environmental factors, such as soil moisture and air temperature. The Incube retails for $450 on the company’s website. The Bios Incube+ retails for $550, as it includes mobile alerts, expert assistance, and growth insights. The tree that is growing inside will eventually have to be transplanted into the ground and reused with another Bios Urn. On their website, the company says their purpose is “to offer users an alternative for remembering deceased persons in a natural, sustainable fashion, thereby turning the death process into regeneration and return to life by means of nature.”


Daisy Wilder