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These beauty life hacks from the Internet are more dangerous than you think

Not everything you find on the Internet is to be trusted. While some tips simply don’y work, others can do serious damage to your health.

Bright Side made a list of all the tips you should stay away from.

1. Transparent nail polish for concealing lip herpes


Applying nail polish to a rash may cause irritation or aggravation. You’re much better off using a special cream from the drugstore.

2. Glue against blackheads

This is not only ineffective, but also dangerous. Glue can cause allergies and skin irritation. Instead, use safe solution for blackhead removal, such as pore strips.

3. Using hair spray to fix your makeup

Although some people swear by this method, the components of hair spray can cause irritation and rashes. It is better to use a product suitable for your skin type.

4. Raw potato for oily skin

Certain substances found in potatoes might clog your pores and cause acne. You’ll be getting better results if you choose a care product for oily skin.


5. Coloured pencils instead of eyeliners

The idea might seem cool, but the components found in coloured pencils are dangerous for our eyes. Besides, nowadays you can find special eyeliners in every colour.

6. Coffee for artificial tanning

While this may not be dangerous for your health – unless you are allergic – it is not quite effective. It may taint the skin a bit, but it won’t last long.

7. Baby cosmetic products instead of regular ones

Using baby products on adult skin is dagerous, as they are meant for skin that has no protective layer. The result is a skin deprived of oxygen.

Daisy Wilder