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Unemployment increases the risk of death in patients with cardiac diseases

Unemployment can be a major risk factor for the health of people that already have certain health issues, according to a recent study.

Unemployment increases by 50% the risk of death in patients with heart failure, according to a study that was recently published by the European Society of Cardiology.

Moreover, “workforce exclusion has been associated with increased risk of depression, mental health problems and even suicide, “according to dr. Rasmus Roerth.


The study conducted by dr. Roerth included people aged 18 to 60, both employed and unemployed, and that had a heart-related incident in the past 15 years.

Specialists noticed that 31% of unemployed patients died around 1,000 days after the problem appeared, with the employed ones having a percentage of 16%.

The resulted data was later adjusted according to the participants’ age, gender, education level and medical history.

The conclusions were that patients with heart failure that are unemployed had a 50% higher risk of dying than those who suffer from the same condition, but that have a job.

“Employment status is more than just a physical measurement as it also has an influence on quality of life, and has been shown to be important for mental health and wellbeing,” Dr. Roerth said. “Both from a physical and psychological point of view, it makes sense to include employment status in the evaluation of heart failure patients’ prognosis,” he concluded.

Diane Stinsow