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A Chinese internet firm has confronted game addiction of Chinese kids


Kids all over the world are playing Internet games often. The Chinese internet firm Tencent has addressed the problem of Chinese kids being addicted to this gaming.

It has been reported by The Guardian that the large internet firm Tencent has decided to limit the daily playing times of King of Glory to assist in the healthy development of children. This game has been a big hit on smartphones.

It has been estimated that there are about 80 million daily users of this mobile online battle game. The young game players will now find themselves restricted to playing King of Glory one or two hours daily. This move by Tencent has followed concerns that the health of Chinese kids is being threatened by spending too much time playing games online.


Approximately 24 million kids in China are believed to be addicted to the internet. It was reported by the Chinese state media that in April a 17 year old gamer from Guangdong province had a kind of stroke after playing King of Glory for 40 consecutive hours,

Chinese children who are 12 years old and younger are now being limited to playing the game for just one hour a day. These kids also will not be allowed to sign into this multiplayer game after 9pm. Kids in China between 12 and 18 years old are being limited to playing King of Glory two hours a day.

In 2008 China became the first country in the world to designate internet addiction as a clinical disorder. There is legislation being drafted in China which would place a ban on playing of online games by minors between midnight and 8am. In the meantime Tencent has decided to take the initiative in confronting the problem of addiction to online gaming by kids.

International Business Times reports Tencent has been responsive to complaints that many Chinese kids are addicted to its online game. There have also been military style boot camps which focus on helping young people beat their online gaming addiction. This game is now being launched in Western countries under the name Strike of Kings where similar concerns about addiction to the game may arise.

Dr Harold Mandel