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Eating and walking in public may shy away weight gain and help with weight loss


Eating while walking may subconsciously force slower eating and weight loss.

Eating properly while exercising regularly can assist you in avoiding excess weight gain and keep a healthy balanced life. Even if you are not aiming to get rid of excess pounds, exercise can enhance cardiovascular health, boost your immune system and elevate your energy levels. What if it was told to you that, it may benefit you more to eat and walk rather than being stationary? If you got excited by that question you’ve come to the right place.

The act of eating and walking in public requires the individual to pause and take breaks, a time needed to stop and survey their surroundings. These breaks can last a few seconds or more. If you are a slow eater, those multiple second breaks will eventually add up to minutes and in turn, lead to a satisfied body and mind.


The Huffington Post conducted an interview with Zane Andrews, assistant professor of physiology and neuroscientist at Monash University who investigates; how the brain responds to food. According to the research, “food needs to be chewed, to go down into the gut and to be processed a little bit. You need to start absorbing the glucose from the food and that happens generally quickly, but somewhere between five and 20 minutes.”

In theory, an individual who takes various breaks while walking and eating may come to the realization that by the time they finish their meal; it may dawn on them that they have eaten less food than they usually would, as compared to eating stationary. This is not to imply that you can walk while at the same time eat the most sugary and fat laden foods. Research suggests that individuals who seek to lose weight should focus on foods rich in protein.

According to the Daily Mail, a Cambridge study shows that, “too little protein in your diet makes you feel hungry and reach for fattening snacks.” Ingesting protein eases digestion which results in feeling more satisfied and lessening the event of going back for seconds. continuing the habit into the span of various days or weeks can result in eliminating weight gain. In today’s market, you can find foods laden with protein such as yogurt, milk, tuna, nuts and best of all for this topic granola bars.

Granola bars make the perfect on the go snack since it is packed with nutrients and protein.The typical granola bar usually contains peanut butter, almond butter, pecans and other essential nuts. The nut nutrient dense bar can result in a totaling, of up to 16 grams of protein; leading to the adequate amount of protein that is needed to help curb hunger during a meal setting.

In order to really get in the habit of eating slowly while walking, try to find a place occupied with many people.

People in general do not want to come of as slobs and off-putting while eating. An busy walk way of people who seem “prim and proper” would be the best place to practice this. In theory this may trigger a response in the brain to eat more slowly.

Health Talk, a site about health issues in which people share their real-life experiences note that eating in public is a big fear for many. It is noted that “socializing often revolves around sharing food and eating with others, usually in public places. People often described this as the biggest challenge in their social lives. They often associated eating with feeling unworthy or “lazy”. When eating in public, people felt self-conscious and like they were observed or judged by others.” A person struggling to lose weight should make it their goal to walk and eat in public, even if it makes them uncomfortable. In the beginning the body may give off physiological chemicals making it feel uneasy, this in turn will force the response to eat slowly.


When thinking outside the box on a psychological level walking and eating may prove a positive practice.

It must be noted anew that this is about “eating in public while walking” and not on your treadmill, within the comfort of your home.

Jerrod Fasan