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Poor quality low paying jobs are killers


Low paying simple jobs are associated with stressors that can be deadly.

It is a misconception that there is less stress involved in high paying jobs and that sometimes you are therefore better off settling for simple low paying jobs. The International Journal of Epidemiology reports that there is very little evidence that gaining re-employment in work of poor quality offers more for your health and well-being that staying unemployed.

Researchers have found that previously employed adults who moved into poor quality work had increased adverse levels of stress associated biomarkers in comparison to their peers who stayed unemployed. Clearly job quality should be considered in the employment success of workers. This may have very significant implications for their health and well-being.


It has been reported by Healthline that there is a strong association between job strain and low-paying jobs. Such low-paying jobs are generally monotonous and give employees very little power to make decisions. The negative psychological effects of poor jobs can increase the stress level of a person and result in negative health consequences.

J. Paul Leigh, who is a professor of Health Economics at the University of California at Davis, has said he thinks wages are significant over the psychological aspects of a job. There are many stresses associated with low wages including concerns about whether the employee has enough money to buy gas and food.

Furthermore, people who earn less money are more likely to eat foods which are processed, to use tobacco, and to adhere to other negative lifestyle factors which are associated with hypertension.

There are many positive lifestyle choices which a person can make to lower your risk of hypertension and other cardiovascular problems, regardless of how much you earn. The amount of processed food in your diet, particularly fast food, should be lowered. You should also exercise regularly. Jogging, walking, swimming, or riding a bike are good forms of exercise.

It is also a good idea to avoid smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products. And you should eat as many dark green vegetables as possible. Eating bananas and other foods which are high in potassium is healthy for your heart. And try to minimize your stress levels. Exercise and meditation can help with this.

Dr Harold Mandel