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Slimming with the healthy superfood spirulina


Spirulina is a food that nourishes whilst can help slimming.

Slimming is an essential part in most societies for reasons of health and making for better looks, fitting into particular clothing etc.

What comes to mind in slimming whilst nourishing essential nutrition into the body are ingredients that provide slimming nutrition and then adding them with aspects of further ingredients that are beneficial to a body in terms of adequate or near adequate amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals etc .


Another aspect to be covered is that of exercise. Regular exercise is always good for the body not only in keeping fit, but also building worthwhile muscles with fresh air nourishing a body’s organs and cleansing the body too. Facilitating additional intake of water which is so good at cleansing the body further of other substances that may be lurking in the body, that can prove harmful to a person’s health over the long term for certain. A good high protein product can be immensely helpful in building up body muscle and getting the body into shape.

One ingredient that in itself can do so much for your body in building it, making it slimmer, making you feel lighter and also nourishing you is Spirulina.

Spirulina is a single natural ingredient, a safe superfood, not treated in a factory, not chemically enhanced, not with other additives to for additional nutrition, just a single effective vegetable that grows underwater, which has been used safely for centuries both by animals and human beings.

Spirulina is a single ingredient, from a plant algae that has protein in it, vitamins, minerals and also fiber. Whilst the protein, vitamin and minerals are most nourishing to the body after all the exercise that keeps you fit, fiber cleanses the stomach. A clean stomach then makes it possible for other foods to digest much easier too and cleansing it of much unwanted substance that would otherwise digest into the system making for more impurities. Spirulina provides very clean nutrition, with rich contributions of protein, vitamins, minerals and fibers that are easily digestible in the body system.

In addition, spirulina must never be forgotten as a fairly safe food to take as has been consumed for centuries without the fear of side effects. Its digestibility is inherently known as how it replenishes the body with worthwhile and essential nutritional requirements.

Exercise can never be overlooked for good health and the process of maintaining a slim body to good shape by reducing carbohydrates and fats too. Exercise enhances the effects of good nutrition and vice versa. We perform better with easy nutrition, with the knowledge in our minds that what we’ve taken is not harmful to our body. Is that not a great feeling to have? Running is very good for metabolism that helps us clear the stomach and reduces unwanted body mass, building athletic muscles.

Spirulina helps the energy factor in your body too as iron boosts energy levels. Without adequate iron levels in the body, anemia becomes a problem, but with regular use of spirulina blood will also be cleaner and will have a better quality.


Spirulina also helps as a detoxifier, which will lead, therefore, to the cleansing of the blood in the body. With more and cleaner blood in the body system, more oxygen gets into the body system enhancing better performance and well being.

Spirulina’s intake for body’s benefits in various forms can never be overlooked as its nutrition usage modes are immense from getting taken in raw powder form in water to smoothies, to sprinkling over foods, additive to soups, having it with pasta and many many more. The process of slimming by taking spirulina in so many ways therefore is a certain effective way to a slimmer, lighter, healthier body, that we all crave towards without much difficulty in taking. The easier aspects of its digestibility is yet a very big plus.

Spirulina which slims your body being an uncomplicated safe substance that is high in fiber, grows naturally, has been for centuries been used without complaints, is about 60% digestible protein content, (more than beef and chicken), which can be taken in so many various ways, Vitamin B12, which normally is found largely in meat, iron that builds up blood and helps enhance energy levels. Its safeness has been known for centuries also is now becoming scientifically proven.

Spirulina proves to be very healthy with a dose of 3 gm (one teaspoonful) a day in water or juice, however to enhance its properties towards slimming, a dose of approximately 2 gm, three times day, of spirulina in water or fruit juice should prove beneficial to your cause.There are no restrictions on the length of time to be taken, but you should see a good change in your body in a reasonable period of time. Exercise obviously will help the process as most sporting activities do contribute to the well being of a person’s health.

Spirulina is not an expensive fermented or concocted product, it is much rather a gift from God to all forms of animals and can be easily bought at affordable prices.

The most beautiful part of using spirulina for slimming purposes is that whilst it is an effective superfood at slimming, it also nourishes the body simultanoeusly without the ingredients therein, to be worried about side effects or for that matter, over the length of period of time in taking it, as would apply to chemicalised supplements or pharmaceutical products. Spirulina is a natural food supplement, in fact, a superfood without known side effects, an ancient superfood that it is, including with modern day scientific research, backing such claims and increasing usage. An ancient superfood that will provide you with nourishment and energy whilst helping you slim.

Therefore work towards a spirulina diet as the intake modes are many, nutrition replenishment into the body are wide. It is fairly safe to take without side effects. And most of all proves effective towards your goal in becoming fitter, slimmer and feeling great.

Mansukh Raval