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Opinion: Cannabis should be legalised


This is an article about the legalisation of cannabis worldwide. Each & every government across every continent.

I want people to recognise & to realise that cannabis is a good thing & not bad as people make it out to be. I’m going to write down a brief past experience of my life & cannabis.

I use to get extreme pains in my stomach which was acid reflux (heartburn), there where times I couldn’t sleep at night because I was in lots of pain sometimes for 2/3 hours. I ended up going to my GP, but all they could do was give me prescription tablets, they hardly help the pain as it got worse, so I did some research about causes of acid reflux, the thing what made me decide to look about myself was due to poor dieting, alcohol consuming & stress. So I decided to change my lifestyle from eating to being stress free. Than I realised cannabis helped ease my pains 100%, now I feel much better in myself. Now I’m going to tell you some facts.

  • Studies has found that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol & tobacco
  • Marijuana derived compound forces cancer cells to freeze and prevents them from spreading
  • There has never been reported death linked to overdosing or smoking marijuana
  • Cannabis users eat 600 more calories each day
  • Rates of obesity are 33% lower in cannabis users
  • Every hemp plant saves 12 trees
  • It treats migraines, prevents Alzheimer’s disease, slows tumour growth, treats glaucoma, prevents seizures, reduces nausea, treats multiple sclerosis & many more

So the conclusion is that cannabis should definitely be legalised worldwide as studies shows it cures many pains, illnesses and diseases which can save lives which is much better than over counter prescription tablets referred from a GP or doctor. It also benefits the planet we live in.

Lastly, it reduces crime worldwide for example in Denver, Colorado the first 6 months of legalisation, crime rate dropped down to a staggering 75% and 10,000 jobs where created in the marijuana industry. This is just a prime example of what can be achieved and accomplished if this wonderful plant gets legalised without being prosecuted or given time in jail.

Jahfari Rowe