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Most people say “I love you” after only three months of dating

Sometimes finding the courage to say “I love you” in a relationship can be hard and even nerve-wracking.

YouGov asked 3,947 people about the earliest they had ever said “I love you” to their partner. The most common length of time for people was three months, with 22% waiting this much to say the three words. Around 14% uttered the magic words after six months, while 13% said them in the first month.

At the opposite pole, 3% said it within nine months, 6% within a year and 2% within 2 years. Furthermore, 10% confessed to never having told a romantic partner they loved them or even been in love. However, the age of the participants (18 to 25) may be the reason for this, as the Independent reports.


Daisy Wilder