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This Is the Most Luxurious Villa in Florida

Take a look inside the most beautiful and luxurious villa in Florida!

Who hasn’t dreamed at least once about living in a lavish mansion?


We all have, of course. It’s in out nature to dream.

Who wouldn’t love to live in a huge house with an indoor pool, several basketball courts and enough rooms to house a small army?

Yeah, dreaming is nice. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to live that lavish lifestyle. Only a few people are so lucky to enjoy their own football pitch.

No one is stopping us, though, from looking at beautiful homes.

According to, located on the Treasure coast of Florida, in the small town of Stuart, Il Santuario is excellent posed with spacious views of the water.


As its name itself says, this property is richly decorated hiding place for someone who enjoys luxury and abundance, not to say to someone who has pretty deep pockets. The villa is located in the center of the estate which measures 1.93 hectares, which is decorated with tropical gardens and impressive Koi fish flows, which emphasize the great beauty of nature.

It offers approximately 1,400 m2 of richly decorated living space, with ten bedrooms and twelve bathrooms.

High quality materials such as marble, stone and wood perfectly accentuate the character of the villa, which is like a palace, just as the hand-painted ceilings do. The master bedroom is a place overall center of luxury and this looks like a space in which king would rest and relax.

The well-equipped gourmet kitchen with modern appliances and sophisticated home theater are also some of the most prestigious area of ​​the villa.

Il Santuario is currently one of the best estates in Florida, and is available for purchase at a cost of $ 15 million.

Joanna Grey