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These Are the Richest Kids of Tehran

Take a look at how the richest kids of Tehran live!

We’ve all dreamed of wealth at least once in our lives.


Don’t try to deny it! It’s in out nature to dream.

Who wouldn’t love to own a private jet, drive expensive cars or live in a huge house with an indoor pool, several basketball courts and enough rooms to house a small army?

Yeah, dreaming is nice. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to live that lavish lifestyle. Only a few people are lucky enough to enjoy their own football pitch.

Meanwhile, until we make our own millions, we can take a peek at how the richest people out there live.

According to, it seems that kids around the world have the desire to show off their wealth and profligacy, after the Russians did it first…


After appearing of the Instagram account named Rich Kids of Russia, which has angered the whole world, and especially their compatriots, soon appeared and Rich Kids of Dubai, who showed us how do the children of Sheikh, the wealthy and those that cannot be defined or stored in any class live.

With billions and millions of dollars, euros and other currencies, these kids spend money without thinking of their families and are eager to share it with the world, seeking the reaction of their peers, who certainly do not have the same opportunities like them.

It seems that this trend, just like the trend of selfies, is ruling the whole world. See how the kids from Tehran do it.

Joanna Grey