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Take a Tour of the World’s Largest Superyacht

Meet Dilbar, the largest superyacht in the world!

You must’ve dreamed at least once about what it would be like to have your own luxurious boat.

Most people, though, don’t get to live that lavish life, but it’s still nice to see what’s out there.


Take a look at the luxurious Dilbar!!

According to, super yachts and cruisers that are more like floating cities, have become part of the reality in which we can see them very often…

However, when talking about the yacht Dilbar, it contains something really special and attractive. It is the largest yacht in the world when it comes to the internal volume, and weighs 15,917 tons! In addition, it is the fourth longest yacht in the world which has an even length of 155.99 meters, which makes it a sea monster, which easily conquers the open sea and waves.

Moreover, the mysticism that surrounds this yacht is what makes it even more attractive. We know that there are two heliports and 4,100 m2 of interior space, but other details regarding its structure and appearance have remained unknown.


Also, we know who its owner. It is Alisher Usmanov, a sixty-two year old Russian billionaire who is one of the majority owners of the football club Arsenal. His wealth is estimated at 13.4 billion dollars, making him one of the richest Russians.

The billionaire has conducted tests on the sea with his super mega yacht earlier this year and over the past few weeks, was seen in the waters around Gibraltar and France. Unfortunately, as often happens with boats which are made to order by super rich people, the interior of the yacht and all its benefits for us will remain secret.

What we do know is that the exterior is the work of the London Winch Design studio, while the interior was created by Espen Oeino from Monaco. All other details, such as the price of constructing this yacht remained undiscovered, although it is generally considered that its price was about half a billion dollars. Well, good for Mr. Usmanov…

Joanna Grey