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Take a Look at Ronaldo’s 19 Million Euros Private Jet

Who wouldn’t love their own private plane?!

But until you make your millions, take a look at ronaldo’s 19 million euros private jet!

According to, Cristiano Ronaldo had a very successful season and decided to take the honors due to his success…


He bought himself a top private jet of $ 19 million. It is a Gulfstream G200 model, which was originally named the Astra Galaxy. As the first of the company, this plane was the result of somewhat risky partnership between the two companies. The new model of the aircraft is designed to be very efficient and functional, while its passengers enjoy the highest level of comfort.

It has the most modern cockpit, while its aerodynamics is so powerful that it redefines the performance and capabilities of the super-midsize business aircraft. The interior is luxurious, of course, in bright colors, isolated from the noise and comfortable enough to let you fly around the whole world without a single bother – you would hope that your trip lasts as long as possible.

It has enough room for eight passengers and two crew members, and every detail of its design is impeccable and hard thought. In the design like this, not a trifle can be missed by the watchful eye of designers, as it is created for a clientele that gives big money to get what they want.


As we found out, Ronaldo took his new plane out for the first time during his trip to London, when he went to the premiere of the film.

This sports star really knows to enjoy life – let us recall, he recently introduced his own line of footwear and accessories, and often he can be seen in numerous campaigns of luxury brands. After his effort and work he has accomplished a lot in football and learned to appreciate that the bright side of life.

Joanna Grey